About the Studio
At Practice Yoga, our mission is to provide comprehensive yoga instruction to students of all ages and skill levels. Our alignment-based approach cultivates strength, flexibility, and balance in a challenging yet responsible manner. Through this practice students are guided towards a deeper awareness of the interactions of body, mind, and spirit. With a dedication to personal attention our teachers help all students develop at their own pace.
"Practice Yoga is one of those rare yoga studios where teachers really teach and students really learn. Each pose is broken down into its component parts so that even the least flexible can begin to master them.After a few classes, you'll never want to do yoga any other way."
-Inga Saffron
I've studied yoga with Ellen for about 12 years, and simply, she is the most phenomenal teacher. She honestly cares about every student. She remembers details about their lives, injuries, and illnesses from years ago. Ellen knows their weaknesses and strengths in their yoga practice, and pays individual attention to every single person in class. Not only do we learn, we have a lot of fun and laughs.
Studying at PYS has allowed me to grow my own practice, not only with Ellen, but with her equally capable staff.
I look forward to many more years at Practice Yoga.
-Deb Gerbec
I have been to many yoga teachers, and for the past 10+ years, I have only gone to Practice Yoga Studio. There is a level of attention that Ellen gives to each participant that seems to challenge and support all at the same time, even when people are practicing at different levels. While the teaching is specific and serious, the intention is to understand our bodies, the atmosphere is playful, creating a level of comfort with trying new things. As of doctor of chiropractic, I only refer to Ellen and her school, because I am confident of the skill of all the teachers and the commitment to excellence Ellen has established over the years.
-Dr. Terri Lewine
The practice of yoga involves finding a path and discovering teachers who can guide us along the way. Practice Yoga is such a place and has been an oasis for us. Each teacher at Practice Yoga has a unique style and sensibility. All have a strong and deep understanding of Iyengar yoga. It does not matter your age or experience. We discovered Iyengar in our 50s and we have different intensities about our practice. Yet Ellen and all of the other teachers at Practice Yoga have found what both of us need. Practice Yoga with its warm and welcoming atmosphere is a place where you can live yoga rather than “do” yoga.
-Carol & Peter Petraitis
I have been going to Practice Yoga Studio since they opened, which is a testimonial in itself! Ellen is a great teacher with attention to detail. She really cares about her students and helps each individual find their own personal level of achievement and reward in their practices.

Ellen has created a real sense of Community and family with Practice Yoga Studio. I recommend others to come try out not only Ellen’s classes, but all of the other wonderful teachers who have contributed to the success of the studio!
-Mary Carroll
After my first class with Blake, I committed to 10 weeks of classes. That was over 3 months ago, and now I practice twice a week. As a beginner level student, I really appreciate the way Blake explains each pose. He takes his time, and never rushes to explain. Along with that, his demonstration of each pose is meticulous, and quite beautiful. He speaks with a firm tone, and makes his expectations known at the beginning, as well as throughout the class. I have never experienced this teaching technique in yoga before, and the benefits have been wide-ranging. I am transformed both physically, and mentally, and this practice has furthered my self-connectedness. While I have not taken a class with any other teachers at this studio, I do see Ellen every Thursday before class. Both Blake and Ellen have an authentically warm and unique energy that has inspired me to stay committed to this studio.
- Anjali Chainani
I have been frequenting Practice Yoga for a couple of years. My awakening to Yoga has been slow and quite explorative. From hot to chichi froufrou studios, I have tried them all, but now I can say with confidence that I have found my style, the right philosophy, teachers, studio and community of fellow practitioners.
If you want an unassuming studio with good technical and personable teachers Practice Yoga Studio is the place. I crave explanations for the “why and how” of a posture and I get that there. Besides being attentive, constantly correcting and advising students, Practice Yoga Studio teachers infallibly exude savoir-faire, knowledge and last but not least a real unpretentious passion for yoga.
-Patrick Coue
I've been practicing with Ellen for 9 years now and I can confidently say she a gifted and caring teacher who is one of the best out there. I can take my practice and knowledge of yoga to any studio anywhere and know I won't injure myself. PYS is truly a special place. It's more than just a yoga studio; it's a community.
-Sadye Vogel